Gallery – Land

“Defender” Grizzly Sow and Cub.

100%- Hand Forged and Welded 304 Stainless Steel
Mirror Polished accents.

Sow: Length: 28.0″ Width: 9.0″ Height 17.0″ Weight: 26 lbs.

Cub: Length: 13.0″ Width: 5.0″ Height 9.0″ Weight: 8 lbs.

Full size- 4-point Whitetail Deer Antler

100%- 316 grade Stainless Steel, Hand Forged and Welded.
L: 11.0″ W: 9.0″ H: 9.0″
Weight: 6.0lbs

“West Coast Hunger” East Island Sea Wolf.

100% Hand Forged and Welded Stainless Steel-mirror polished accents.
A-36 Steel Base.

Sea Wolf-Chinook Salmon-Deer Antler-Mussels-Bull Kelp-Oysters-Scallops.

Width: 18″
Weight: 50lbs.

Currently on Display at Eagle Feather Gallery , Victoria BC